Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learning Lean Production - A Game

In the a course in the University of Buenos Aires (on Project Management) we use a model of Process-Based Organization and agile development (Scrum and Lean Software Development).
It is important to show technics the are good for process and technics that are good for projects. Looking better ways to teach those subjects, we found the sithe Tasty Cupcakes. A nice site to find teaching games on agile. For teach Lean production, we choose Mr. Happy Face.

The result, as always with games, was a very dynamic and funny session, with all the student focused and paying attention. Very good results, they we were able to learn Lean principles, JIT, pull and kanban concepts from the experience.

Ricardo Colusso was the one behind the camera. Thanks!

The first video is a “traditional”, taylorist production line, with student trying to predict how many pieces will be sell. The second one is a Lean production line using pull and kanban to signal the need of producing something.