Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrum week in Buenos Aires

Tobias Mayer and Alan Cyment will facilitate a serie of activities between January 25 and 28.

January 25: Scaling Scrum (free) by Tobias
This is a full-day workshop that works as a 3rd day of a CSM. See an example.

January 26: CSP Q&A (free) by Alan and Tobias
Help for filling your CSP application form

January 27: The Spirit of Scrum (*) by Tobias
This full-day workshop will allow Scrum practitioners to reach the next level of Scrum by exploring some of these underlying foundations in a highly experiential way. It will consist of a series of interactive exercises and facilitated discussion designed to help participants not just understand, but embody these principles and values at a deep level.

January 28: Improvisation for agile teams (*) by Alan Cyment and Tobias
The skill of teamwork is complex, multi-faceted, and sometimes paradoxical. Team members need to create for themselves environments that are both safe and challenging, both structured and flexible. A good team member should be able to respect organization and embrace chaos; be part of the team, yet able to have the courage of their own, individual convictions; be able to plot a steady course and be willing to stray from it. Team members need to be present; they need to be dynamic; they need compassion and empathy - and they need to be agile.
Improv is very much a conscious, kinesthetic application of complexity theory to the creative process. The exercises illuminate the things individuals may do to halt the creative process and forward motion of the team. The exercises offer new, simple methods of basic communication that help to overcome these behaviors, and keep the future limitless. The exercises heighten a person's sense of "permission" to be absolutely available to the project and the group. And they provide a template for moving a project relentlessly forward in increments small and thorough enough to bring the whole group along.

(*) For cost and payment, please see the link below

More info and registration at www.agiles.org/agiles-bsas (some of the information in Spanish)

Activities organized by Agiles Argentina, Agilar Argentina and Southworks

Note: Tobias' activities will be in English, Alan's will be in Spanish.

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